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The Business of Fitness

Fitness is a tricky industry. When your starting out it can be hard to know how to promote your business. You try things and they don’t work. You spend money on leaflets, local newspaper ads and you get almost nothing back. There must be a way? But how?

If you want to learn how to supercharge your business when it comes to online marketing then you need to look to those who have done it before you. Nathan Barry started Convertkit in October 2014. Convertkit is an email marketing system and automation tool that allows you to gain customers and make sales on autopilot.

Want to know why these guys are the ones to follow? Well Nathan along with Convertkits director of growth Darrel Vesterfelt have grown the business in a short two years to earning $450,000 each month. Not bad right. And this is despite the fact that they offer there product for a fraction of the price of similar tools that are out there which are to complicated to use unless you have a masters in computers.


So how do I get started?

So a few things to consider. Firstly check out Darrell’s free webinar on 15th November by clicking here to register your place. Where he shows you how to automate your systems and generate leads. Darrell has been in the business of digital marketing for over ten years and knows a thing or two. He will be broadcasting from Nashville but you get to watch from your sofa for free.

A chance to learn in person

Secondly Fitcert have teamed up with ConvertKit and Col from Big Lemon Digital for an in person course on Sunday 4th December in Dublin for a full day intensive course on digital marketing and online business for Personal trainers. You can book your place here.

Col who is also a personal trainer and S&C coach is the founder of Big Lemon Digital. Col teaches business owners how to leverage digital marketing to grow there business and make more sales. He has successfully worked with Convertkit to help clients in the fitness industry as well as professional services, retail and more to grow there business, there sales and there profits.


The course will show you how to use facebook, google, twitter, sales funnels, marketing automation and more to grow your business and make more sales without spending a fortune. Simply really. Book a spot here

See you all there

Keith & Col

Keith Martin