FitCert - Nutrition Courses Available in Dublin

Nutrition for Physical Activity

Nutrition Courses are now available through the ITEC Nutrition for Physical Activity Certificate at FitCert.

The main aim of the ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Physical Activity is to enable students to gain the practical and theoretical skills necessary to provide nutritional advice for active leisure, recreation and physical activity. This includes the ability to explain the meaning of key nutritional terms.

In relation to physical activity levels and other relevant factors, to identify energy expenditure for different physical activities and to evaluate the nutritional requirements and hydration needs of clients engaged in physical activity.

Qualifications Gained: 

L3 Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity

Entry Requirements: 

There are no previous academic requirements

Course Content:

· Nutritional goal setting
· Identifying the calorific values of nutrition
· Calculating macro nutrients
· Calculating dietary needs specific to sport
· Calculating macro nutrients for Cutting weight/bulking
· Understanding nationally recommended practice in relation to providing nutritional advice
· Interpreting food labelling information
· Calculating metabolic rates

Course Progression:

Once Students have achieved the ITEC Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity they may progress on to other ITEC or equivalent awards at Level 3 (Instructor level), for example:
· Level 3 Diploma in Pilates Teaching
· Level 3 Diploma in Yoga Teaching
· Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

Course Structure: This course will be delivered 1 evening per week for 6 weeks (7-10pm)

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