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Is Kettlebell training pure Sh*te?

By simply logging on to Facebook we are bombarded with images and videos of people using Kettlebells.

We at FitCert are curious to know what you make of the whole kettlebell scene. What do you make of it all, looking from the outside at a random group of people in brightly coloured clothing swinging a very un-sexy looking metal object between their legs…

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Have you ever sat back and asked;

-What the feck is it all about?

-What are they trying to achieve?

-Are these people achieving their goals?

Let me shed a little light on the subject!

What is posted on Facebook horrifies me (most of the time). I see people swinging a kettlebell of extremely light proportions with some kind of movement that mimics a squat. Firstly the weight is so light that it has absolutely no benefit to the client. My 2 year old son can lift this weight as he sees a 4kg kettlebell as some sort of TOY. (I know what you are thinking- don’t be letting your toddler play with weight :o) 

Secondly if the motion being used is a squat then the actual bio-mechanics is completed wrong. This movement is a swing with an emphasis on a hinge motion (simply not a squat).

The HINGE MOTION can be difficult to learn for most people which is why I cringe when I see more than 12 people in a room doing their SEXY SQUAT MOVEMENTS (eventually leading to serious injury)

The benefits of the kettlebells are:

1. The centre of mass is extended beyond the hand facilitating ballistic and swinging movements
2. Posterior chain is worked
3. Increased metabolic effect aiding in fat loss
4. Improved explosive power
5. They are actually good for your back (when done correctly)
6. Improved strength
7. Great cardio benefits through strength
8. Functional strength

Kettlebell training has been around since the 1700s originally used by farmers who discovered they were getting stronger from lugging kettelbells around. They have been one of Russia’s best kept secrets for a long time until Pavel Tsatsouline took them to the United States becoming subject matter expert to the Marine Corps, US secret service and US Navy Seals.

Marc Bartley (world class power lifter) came across Pavel at a power lifting competition and quoted “I learned more in a weekend with Pavel than I learned in several years”

To sum it all up Kettlebells are a fantastic training tool FOR EVERYONE and it is no wonder why so many athletes and gym goers are embracing them and their benefits.

Do yourself and your spine health a favour and ignore the facebook generation of kettlebell users.

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