Fitness Instructor Course

Become a fully qualified Fitness Instructor with FitCerts Fitness Instructor Course

Our Fitness Instruction Course comes with an ITEC EQF Level 3 Certificate

This Certificate is accepted worldwide – making it easy to find work in the Fitness Industry abroad or here in Ireland 

Keen to start a career in the Fitness Industry?

This is a perfect entry level Fitness Instructor Course. Through a combination of theory and practical learning FitCerts ITEC EQF LEVEL 3 Certificate in Fitness Instruction enables our students to provide clients with an appropriate gym workout for their specific needs.
FitCerts students have gone on to be very successful Fitness Instructors, working in gyms or working for themselves in the Fitness Industry. We are now offering full time or part time courses. This course is offered across our 3 locations. For dates and times visit our Course Schedule page. This course can also be referred to as Gym Instruction. 

The Fitness Instructor Course concentrates on improving overall fitness; strength, flexibility and cardio-respiratory functions of our students clients. Fitness Instructors assume many different roles in a fitness industry, that of a motivator, supervisor and trainer. This course provides students with all the necessary skills not only to fill these roles, but to excel in their chosen field.

FitCerts Fitness Instructor course will offer students understanding in the areas of cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training. Catering for a range of individuals including youths, over 50’s, antenatal women, postnatal women and individuals suffering certain musculoskeletal disorders such as osteoarthritis.

Upon completion of the qualification students are ready to work in the Fitness Industry in a gym based setting. Most students who complete this course go on to do our PT Course. If this is the way you think you will go then check out our Expert PT Plus Course, it is the full package for anyone who is serious about a career in this industry. It includes everything you need to know and more, including our fantastic Strength and Conditioning Course. Click here for more details on the Expert PT Plus.

Fitness Instructor Course Details:

Qualifications Gained: 

ITEC (EQF Level 3) Certificate in Fitness Instruction

Entry Requirements: 

There are no previous academic requirements

FitCerts Fitness Instructor course is a pre requisite for students wishing to complete the ITEC Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training.

Students can now study the Fitness Instructor AND the Personal Trainer Course at the same time through our PT PLUS Course or if you are serious about your career in the ever growing fitness industry then sign up for our Expert PT Plus Course – this includes everything the other 2 courses included PLUS the fantastic Strength and Conditioning Course. 

Course Content:

  • Programme design
  • Delivering programmes to gym members
  • Client screening and evaluating special conditions
  • Movement patterns
  • Identifying technique errors and corrections
  • Motivational techniques
  • Safety in training and injury prevention
  • Anatomy physiology and training effects on the body

Course Structure:

Part Time Course duration : 6 Weeks


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