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Personal Training and Fitness Instructor Course in Midlands Co. Offaly

New Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor Courses in the Midlands, County Offaly.


Fitcert will now be delivering Fitness Instruction and Personal Training Qualifications in the midlands in conjunction with Mind over Maher in Raheen, Clara , County Offaly.


The Qualification courses in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training will be delivered from a custom built facility in Mind Over Maher Centre of Sports Excellence. One of our past students; Conor Maher, has designed, built, and currently works as a personal trainer, sports coach and manager in Mind over Maher. 


Find out more: Our next round of fitness courses start in April 2018, click for more info.


Conor is now living the dream. See his story below of how he went from ZERO TO HERO.


Why is Fitcert Opening in the midlands, Co. Offaly?

The mission for Fitcert is to deliver International Qualifications in Fitness Instruction, Personal Training and group Instruction to the people of Ireland. Bringing the qualifications to the Midlands will reduce travel restrictions and costs for people in the locality or people who would otherwise need to travel long distances.


Fitcert not only provide the training and course delivery, but we also provide assistance with business set up and employment opportunities nationwide. We take great pride in having a very high success rate for employment after students graduate.


Fitcerts proven record with past students gaining employment and creating their own business in the Dublin and Louth region has set the standard in the fitness industry, so now it is time for the Midlands to strive in what is an untapped region in comparison to the larger cites.


Fitcert is confident that there is a demand in the Midlands for fitness instructors, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches and also a demand to increase the level of fitness and education in the health and fitness sector.



Find out more: Our next round of fitness courses start in April 2018, click for more info.



Benefits of taking the fitness instructor and personal trainer course in Offaly?

There are many benefits of taking a Fitcert course, but the benefits we hear most often from past students are:

  1. Gain an International Qualification that holds currency around the world. (Travel the world and always have job opportunities available.)
  2. Gain the current and relevant knowledge to allow you commence work immediately. (Most of our students start working immediately in the fitness industry after graduating.)
  3. Highly qualified tutors with masters in sports performance and tutors who are actively working in the fitness industry a life time and are highly successful in their own business. (Our tutors don’t just teach, they wake up every day and work in their own individual businesses, bringing a wealth of information and experience to students.)
  4. Part Time courses can fit into a busy lifestyle. (There are multiple options to ensure you can take the course that suits your busy lifestyle.)

Students can gain employment in the following areas:  

  • Leisure clubs
  • Sports clubs
  • Gyms
  • Personal Training one to one
  • Bootcamps
  • Schools
  • Open your own gym
  • Studio Instructor


Find out more: Our next round of fitness courses start in April 2018, click for more info.


A success story from one a past fitcert student.

Check out how Past Student Conor Maher went from zero to hero…


conor fitcert personal trainer and fitness instructor course offaly

From then till now by Conor Maher


It was 2009 in Canberra Australia when I first noticed my interest in the fitness industry.


I was working with a company as a labourer doing everything and anything I could, I loved it. The first month or so was all about finding your feet in your new home for the year.

I started to notice a gym just down the road from where I had got my apartment. Being Irish and having the standard rough look of a labourer at the time, cigarettes and alcohol were the norm for me each weekend. To walk into this industry where people all looked good and were taking care of themselves was actually quite odd to me to be frank.

Once in the door, I signed myself up for 3 months membership and alongside that, a couple of personal training sessions to get me started.

Dale was the PTs name and he was a really good character, a great help and a good motivator. A friend of mine was with me so we both signed up for it together. The only two Irish gobshites in the middle of Mawson suburb in Canberra trying to get fit with beer bellies on us like two of the Telly Tubbies!!!

Within a few weeks I had felt differently about myself.

Within a few weeks I had felt differently about myself. My food had changed. My energy levels were increasing and I knew it had triggered something in me. I would go weeks on end with intense training and then every now and then fall off the bandwagon to our beloved Guinness… but in my defence I was only 24 at the time so it was a pretty cool time for me to be in Oz.


The year passed by pretty quickly and I was back in Ireland in December, home in time for Christmas.


In May of 2010,  I enrolled in a sports & recreation course. Part of the curriculum was a lifeguard course and it was from there I got myself a part-time job as a lifeguard in the Athlone Regional Sports Centre where I would spend the next four years working.


In September of 2013, I felt the need for change as I always knew I wanted to work for myself. I had spent a good few years painting on and off but I needed something more.

I saw an advert for FitCert and I applied for the course. I wanted to become a Fitness Instructor, so in turn I could maybe teach a few classes in the sports centre I was working in as well as being a lifeguard to earn some extra cash.

Application for the course was successful and in February 2014 I began my course.


Find out more: Our next round of fitness courses start in April 2018, click for more info.


There I was, Australia was coming back to me, the interest that I had had over there was all flowing through me again.

The people I met on the course were just the best and each and every day we would have the best laugh together.

The course, for me, I found was very intense but to others who had schooling in them maybe not as much.

I had left school at an early age of 14 so education was not really my forte to say the least. I can read and write with the best of them and my general knowledge is not that bad but I really struggled with the retaining side of things on the course, my brain was just not working properly in that area for me.


The people I met on the course were just the best and each and every day we would have the best laugh together.


I would spend hour after hour at night studying but by the morning it was almost like I had studied nothing. It was so frustrating but this is where Keith Martin the FitCert co-ordinator took me aside and asked me what was up…

I explained to him that I was really struggling with retaining the information side of things in class and that I was thinking of dropping out. I was also struggling financially to cope with the demands of driving up and down to Dublin from Offaly each week as well as pay my rent at home and work during the day as a painter and a lifeguard in the evenings.


To this day I am still forever grateful to Keith Martin, he has helped me out in more ways than I care to write for on this blog.


We had our talk and before I knew it not only was I staying on to finish out my Fitness Instructor course but he put me through for the Personal Trainer course too.


Keith saw it in me that day that I wanted it more than I could afford it, I wanted that qualification so badly and like I said I think he knew that too.

With an understanding of my academic struggles we worked together in getting things done both on the course and outside of the course.


Hard work, dedication, many late nights up studying and a few all nighters, I got through it and before I knew it I was a fully qualified Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor, the hard work had all paid off.


I have never forgot my time on that course as it challenged me more than ever but like I said with the help of some great people I got through it, and also like I said earlier the guys I met on the course were and are just top class people! ☺


By January 2014 I was out on my own. I opened my own little business.

A private studio where people could come and go to get private fitness training as well as some classes too.

I had finally made it.

I had done what I set out to do.

It’s year 4 now and things are still going strong. I have two people working for me as well as myself. I now have two pretty big industrial units and in one of them I recently opened my own gym in January of this year.  

Every day’s a school, my dad use to say to me even when you’re not in it.

I was 18 when he died and I wanted to do my best to prove to myself not only could I do it but that I could thrive at it too!

Growing up as a young man as many people do in this country without a parent or parents is tough. You miss that guidance or simple piece of advice.

You miss your old man’s clip around the ear telling you not to be so stupid and to have respect, but equally for that moment when they would tell you well done when you did something right, those are the moments one would miss the most…


if you asked me would I do it all again the answer is yes, I would… and I wouldn’t change a thing!


When I look back on how I’ve done over the last 7-8 years I think I did ok. I’m not proud of everything I’ve done but if you asked me would I do it all again the answer is yes, I would and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Struggles make a person, they define one’s character, it show’s resilience, determination, tenacity, resolve and having a sickening work ethic to not give up during hard times.

Just last year I invested more money than I care to remember in business, would I do it all again you ask?

Yes, yes I would.


Find out more: Our next round of fitness courses start in April 2018, click for more info.


My advice to you, I leave you this…

  • Do in life whatever it is you want to do, do what makes you happy and not others. Ignore the naysayers as the great Arnie once said.
  • Sometimes in life you have to be selfish to get to where you want to be. Never forget where it is you came from, your reasons for doing it and always be humble.
  • Don’t let money be your driving force for your passion. Helping others in the fitness industry is actually a pretty cool rewarding thing and you will find that when you experience it too.
  • Don’t let your ego get in your way, park it a long way away from you, you’re there to help others, not to help yourself.
  • Don’t get caught up in the mishaps of social media. Keep your opinions to yourself.

As the old saying goes ‘’An opinion is the lowest form of knowledge’’.

This is just some of my story, I really hope if there is anyone reading this that may have had some of the same struggles or hesitations as I did that I may be able to give you the courage to make the decision to overcome them and improve your life and career and follow your passions like I did. 

 – Conor.             

If you have have had any thoughts or interest in starting your career in the fitness industry, we encourage you to get in touch with us and we will answer any questions and try break down any barriers you may have.

Our next round of courses are beginning in April 2018.

You can download our course prospectus by clicking here.

Feel free to call us on – 085 888 6414 

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